Middesk is a Y-Combinator graduate (W19) in the financial space that helps companies perform due diligence for B2B loans, acquisitions, and business development.

I upgraded their data pipeline from a prototype to a robust production-ready CI/CD enabled workflow. Our data processing engine was Scio (a Scala wrapper for Apache Beam) running on Google Cloud's Dataflow platform.

Shortly after our engagement, Middesk raised $4m from Sequoia, Accel, and Y-Combinator on the strength of their data product.


Assembled Brands is a Financial Technology company providing credit, analytics, and a partnership network to direct-to-consumer brands.

At AB I worked with Adam Pritzker (formerly of General Assembly, sold 2018). I led the Product and Engineering teams in migrating their data from a spreadsheet-based system into a proper database enabling cross-portfolio monitoring and analytics. I led the technical side of a build vs buy evaluation of a portfolio management system. I streamlined their loan application process by implementing OAuth connectors to automatically pull reports from Shopify, Quickbooks, and several other sources, reducing sales funnel time. I implemented a layered code architecture to fix the broken architecture left by previous developers which resulted in increased development speed. I developed a hiring plan to build out the Product and Engineering teams.

Referred to by Adam Pritzker as "wicked smart".

Set strategy for pivoting to an augmented reality advertising product in Javascript, Node.js, and Unity. Managed launch of AR ads for virtual-try-on sunglasses and hats. Managed mobile web in-browser ad launch for "Jigsaw" movie with Lionsgate and Atom tickets. Planned strategy for launching an AR ad SDK.Read more ->
Defined product roadmap by aligning the needs of CEO, COO, CTO, and department heads. Periodically presented roadmap progress and updates to all employees. Managed five product managers and three designers to deliver five new products under tight deadlinesRead more ->
At Gravity I built a real-time bidding system (RTB) for delivering ads to online publishers.Read more ->
Screen capAutoHot is an open-source demonstration of a lightweight, auto-refresh caching pattern. I wrote an article about it here.Read more ->
A Blokus game framework I built to pit gameplay AIs head-to-headRead more ->
A data tool to collect, analyze, and display ride wait times at various themeparks. Useful for getting quick info regarding wait times at Disneyland!Read more ->
Screen capMy Resume is written in simple but clean HTML and CSS. I print to PDF in case of upload.Read more ->
Heart is an open source project of HackForLA. It is a CRM system to aid low-income residents of LA county in accessing citation forgiveness programs.Read more ->
CDMT is my development studio focused on business process automation for SMBs. Let's talk about how to automate your business!Read more ->
A home-automation component that interfaces with my Lutron lighting system. Includes a custom Alexa skill that allows me to control my lighting and scenes via voice!Read more ->
A home-automation component for controlling my whole-home audio system. Uses a REST interface to control an Extron matrix audio switch for per-room sound control via web-app.Read more ->
A tool for refactoring Scala code. Enables you to extend your method return types with notes about what actions were performed within a method, such as detailed in-app logging, timing notes, etc.Read more ->
An Alexa voice game I made for my son. At 3 he was interested in math and counting. He would ask me to count by 25s to 500, or count by 4s to 80, etc. So I made an Alexa skill for him to play with.Read more ->
Punditt was an early startup I co-founded with two friends. We ingested tweets from self-proclaimed stock pundits and tracked their performance. Like StockTwits with accountability.Read more ->
A slackbot. Connects a website to a slack chat room. You can try it out on this site!Read more ->